PP 000: Pancake Productions Summer Sampler MMX

by Pancake Productions



This is the first ever Pancake Productions sampler CD, and the very first thing (along with TIME AND A HALF by Popular Mechanics) that I ever released. It features Pancake Productions artists and other friends (that is, potential Pancake Productions artists). If you asked nicely, you could have had one. If you gave me a dollar, you wouldn't have had to ask nicely. If you bought anything else from me, you neither had to give me a dollar NOR ask nicely.

First I made 50, then 35, then 14, then 16, then 30, then 15, then 39, for a total of 199 (with no intentions of making any more). All except #116-#159 included a surprise inside. I ran out of surprises for awhile there--if you were unlucky enough to get one of the surprise-free discs (which came with my business card instead of the intended surprise), let me know and I will send you a surprise, sure enough (although the original surprises, Pancake Productions stickers, are all gone, I can probably muster up some other kinda surprise).

UPDATE (09/29/2010): I only have 10-15 of these left, and am tryin' to get a buck apiece fer 'em. Even that won't begin to recoup the printing costs alone, to say nothing of the materials costs. I may offer the whole thing for upload here once I run out and/or once the winter compilation arrives on the scene.

UPDATE (10/26/2010): I have officially run out of these.

UPDATE (07/11/2014): I am making this available on BandCamp for the first time ever. It costs a dollar to download the whole thing, or you can get it piecemeal, track by track, for free. I'm going to make you work for it, though. It's probably worth it just to sock a dollar to me, don't ya think? Later Pancake Samplers had way more tracks than this, and some were comprised entirely of tracks that did not feature myself, but this one has me on two different tracks and only 12 total. By way of comparison, the second Pancake Sampler (PP 007, PANCAKE PRODUCTIONS WINTRY SAMPLER MMXI), released about six months after this one, contained twice as many tracks (24) and none that featured me (unless you count the live recording of Normandie Wilson playing in my garage).


released July 17, 2010

Logo by Janet Lackey. Sequence, Layout, Duplication, Numbering, and other Sharpie Work by Pancake Master. Hand-drawn Pancake logo by Cait Rippey.



all rights reserved


Pancake Productions Missouri

Amazin' music of sundry and innumerable styles based in, but by no means limited to, the heartland of America.

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