PP 011: Ass​-​Sick Creeps

by Pancake Productions



From the insert:

WELCOME, FRIENDLY LISTENER. The record in which you have found this insert is the realization of a years-long dream of mine. I first cast the notion of a split 45 between Googolplexia and Butt into the universe within the first year of the 21st century. Whether by will of geography, or providence, or high tension, or the burdens of being human, or some combination of all of the above, it has taken until now to see it come to fruition. I am particularly proud of the triple-entendre comprised by the phrase “Butt Release” – not only is there the obvious reference to toilet activity, and the notion that this record is, in fact, a release by the band known as Butt, but of course the lyrics of the song itself tell the story of an actual release of the hardened criminals Mario Seaweed and Amy Froggpockets (collectively, Butt) from prison. Now, if I can only get them to drop each one of these records off the roof of a building, we’ll have a QUADRUPLE-entendre on our hands…Special thanks and major propers are due perhaps first and foremost to our friend(s) and Denton, Texas’s own Fishboy, whose amazing record CLASSIC CREEPS we shamelessly and somewhat scatologically parodized here without relent or particular consent, not only in the artwork, but also with the included comic that relays the story told on the record in a second artistic form, the flow of one song into the other (have fun making it play seamlessly on a turntable, though – Wocka Wocka!), and both songs being (in their own way) about strange citizens of the world—particularly, in this case, the artist featured on the other side of the record). It all began with the high-level “get an embroidery of yerself as a Classic Creep!” promotion offered through the fantastic Happy Happy Birthday To Me record label out of Athens, Georgia. All I can say for sure is that, if anyone ever does to any of my records what ASS-SICK CREEPS does to CLASSIC CREEPS, I will consider it a rare and boundless honor. If you’re interested in more records with swell embroidery art and tunes about whimsical characters that flow into one another seamlessly, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on CLASSIC CREEPS and check out Fishboy, which you can do at www.hhbtm.com or www.classiccreeps.com or www.yofishboy.com. If you want another record that contains a triple-entendre, you’ll have to get MOVING PICTURES by Rush. Thanks for listening, and be sure to download the uninterrupted MP3 version of ASS-SICK CREEPS using the URL listed below.

--RØB “Googolplexia” Severson

Consider yourself encouraged to get the vinyl 45 version (which includes a download) for cheaper than the download-only is here, at www.pancakeproductions.net/music/googolplexia/pp011.html - or do what ya want! It's a free country!


released August 8, 2012

Pancake Logo by Janet Lackey. Label by Bill Michalski. Comics by Matt Harnish. Layout by Robert Severson. Additional Layout and Cuts by Cat McMillan. Embroideries courtesy of Fishboy and Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records. We did pay fer 'em, though! Download ASS-SICK CREEPS here, to magically activate the truly non-stop, never-ending nature of the record: // Both songs written by their respective artists. All Content Herein ©MMXII Pancake Productions.



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Track Name: Googolplexia - Butt Release
Standin' by a pole on an old dusty road and their thumbs stretched out for a ride,
Denim vests and cheap cigarettes and it's the first time they've been outside
Locked up tight for a thousand nights and now they're free and fierce and mean and worn and tired, forlorn and lookin' for a drink

Well first there's Mario Seaweed, a tall drink of water, breaks your heart with a flip of his hair
And old Amy Froggpockets, with a body like a rocket, tellin' ya girl's got it goin' on downstairs
Put their masks on, kicked the door down busted in, guns drawn, said "Everybody up with your hands, our name is BUTT, this is a stickup if ya please!"
(This is a stickup if ya DON'T please!)

Now they're startin' fires, now they're slashin' tires, now Butt is unleashed on the land
Mario says "Amy, this may sound cockamamie, but just listen now I've got us a plan
We'll go to Fort Knox, give 'em a piece of our mind and a boot to the face and they won't know what hit 'em until they wake up and they find it's a hundred years later, we've already spent all of the gold!"

But the plan went awry, ya know Fort Knox was waitin' just to see what Butt would do when they arrived
Cuffed 'em and scuffed 'em and roughed 'em and stuffed 'em, and hauled 'em off away half-alive
They couldn't believe their plans had been ruined, and now, instead of a Mexican beach they'd be spendin' their time in the clink with nothin' to show but some bruises and black eyes and broken ol' bones

Three years later, talkin' good behavior and the warden says "Get outta my hair!"
Wonderin' what to do with all the free time on their hands because they're back at the very first square
Signin' a lease, shootin' the geese, collectin' the grease, all in one piece, they'll never cease, to act on caprice, involve the police, gettin' obese, it's time for the...

...Butt release
It's time for the...Butt release
It's time for the...Butt release
It's time for the...Butt release
It's time for the...Butt release
It's time for the...Butt release
Track Name: Butt - Ass Disaster
The Pancake Master was involved in an ASS DISASTER!

Don't trust your donkeys to honkeys!

It was an ass disaster, an ass disaster
An ass disaster, an ass disaster

The donkeys were on the loose
Because the Pancake Master was being a silly goose!
He should have been watching their caboose
But instead he was dropping a deuce!

Masses of asses
Masses of asses
Masses of asses
Masses of asses
Masses of asses

Oh, my donkeys, whar's muh donkeys
Oh where's my poor little donkeys?
I'll get you Pancake Master!